SoLo COVID-19 Protocols

Effective Tuesday, June 1, 2021, we are no longer under COVID-19 restrictions.

Masks are no longer required for players, coaches or spectators.  It is highly recommended that anyone who has not been fully vaccinated to voluntarily wear masks.

Mandatory online Health Checks are no longer required for daily participation.  However, if your child has symptoms, they are required to stay home for that particular day.  A quarantine period is no longer required.

We are no longer under capacity restrictions for games.  There will be not be limitations on family members attendance at the games.  We do encourage spectators to continue healthy habits, including maintaining spacing between families in attendance, frequent hand washing and sanitization of surfaces.  Bleachers will be available for summer league games in the gyms that have bleachers.

We will return to having a volunteer scorekeeper and timekeeper at the scorer's table for the games.  Each team will supply one volunteer during games.

We will now be allowed to shorten transition time between practices and games down to five minutes, allowing us to provide the coaches and players with extra practice time.

We ask that you remain patient as we continue to follow CDC, state and local guidelines.   Thank you for your cooperation!

South Loudoun Basketball