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All Star Event (Grades 4-8)

As part of the adjustments due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the 2020-21 season will not have an all star game.


South Loudoun Basketball host an annual all star event for house league grades 4-8.  The all star break typically coincides with Super Bowl weekend.

A nominee from each house league team is selected to represent their team in the all star game.  Schedule is posted by mid-January.

Exhibition Game Format:

  • Rules
    • 2 - 20 minute halves
      • Running clock for first 18 minutes
      • Standard clock for final two minutes
    • No free throws – fouls result in possession for team
    • Light defense – encourage scoring
  • Team Makeup
    • All Boys Teams – East All Stars (wearing white) vs West All Stars (wearing dark)
    • Girls Teams:  Even# Teams (wearing white) vs Odd # Teams (wearing dark)
      • e.g. Teams 2,4,6,8 vs Teams 1,3,5,7
    • Coaches: 
      • Division Coordinator should seek volunteer from coaching pool to be lead coach
      • All coaches should be invited and encouraged to attend to help