SoLo Board

Bill MorrisBill Morris has served as the President of South Loudoun Basketball since its inception in 2004.  SoLo initially started as Mercer Basketball League, and has evolved to incorporate all of the new schools in the Dulles South area.  Since its inception, SoLo has grown from 212 players in the first year to now serving over 2,400 participants annually.  SoLo has also expanded to offer Spring, Summer and Fall travel programs.  Bill has successfully led the recruitment of hundreds of volunteers annually to support the program. 

Board Positions are filled annually.  Terms run for one year from July 1 through June 30 each year.  The board meets 6-8 times per year to plan and execute the South Loudoun Basketball program.  Board interest is collected in May, and the current board elects the new Board Members in June.  Interested in serving on the SoLo Board?  Read more below and send an email to [email protected]


About the Board

The SoLo Board consists of an all-volunteer committee divided into six groups:

  • Operations Team 
  • Travel Team 
  • High School House Team
  • Middle School House Team 
  • Elementary House Team 
  • Developmental Team 

Operations Team

  • President   (Bill Morris)
  • Vice President   (Shaun Swartz)
  • Director of Operations   (Tom McGinn)
  • Director of Rules and Officiating   (Bernard Holmes)
  • Director of Discipline and Safety   (Ed Ryan)

Travel Team

  • Director of Travel (Jason Murphy)
  • 6-8 Travel Girls Commissioner   (Bruce Rietheimer)
  • 4-5 Select Girls Commissioner  (Dennis Park)
  • 6-8 Travel Boys Commissioner  (Dae Choi)
  • 4-5 Select Boys Commissioner  (Greg Stemberger)

High School House Team

  • Director of High School House  (David Burkholder)
  • HS Girls Commissioner  (Dean Olivieri)
  • Varsity Boys Commissioner  (David Burkholder)
  • 9th & 10th Boys Commissioner  (John Aller)

Middle School House Team

  • Director of Middle School House (Shannon Martin)
  • 6th-8th Girls Commissioner (Jeff McGee)
  • 8th Boys Commissioner  (Jonathan Lyles)
  • 7th Boys Commissioner (Dean Olivieri)
  • 6th Boys Commissioner (Tav Venia)

Elementary School House Team

  • Director of Elementary House (Loren Farrar)
  • 4th/5th Girls Commissioner (Srini Reddy)
  • 5th Boys Commissioner (Loren Farrar)
  • 4th Boys Commissioner (Dawn Fiorillo)

SoLo Developmental Team

  • Director of Development  (Bruce Rietheimer)
  • 2nd/3rd Girls Commissioner (Shaun Bierweiler)
  • 3nd Boys Commissioner  (Tav Venia)
  • 2nd Boys Commissioner (Tav Venia)

Specific Duties and Responsibilities for these positions are listed in sections 3-5 of the SoLo ByLaws.  Board members serve a one year term from July 1 to June 30.  Current Board Members vote on new Board Members at the end of their current term.  More information about the process and organization is located in section 2 of the SoLo ByLaws.