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SoLo Board

Interested in serving on the SoLo Board?  Read more below and send an email to [email protected]


About the Board

The SoLo Board consists of an all-volunteer committee divided into six groups of five members:

  • Operations Team 
  • Travel Team 
  • High School House Team
  • Middle School House Team 
  • Elementary House Team 
  • Developmental Team 

Operations Board

  • President 
  • Vice President 
  • Director of Operations 
  • Director of Rules and Officiating 
  • Director of Discipline and Safety 

Travel Board

  • Director of Travel
  • 6-8 Travel Girls Commissioner 
  • 4-5 Select Girls Commissioner
  • 6-8 Travel Boys Commissioner
  • 4-5 Select Boys Commissioner

High School House League Board

  • Director of High School House
  • HS Girls Commissioner
  • Varsity Boys Commissioner
  • 10th Boys Commissioner
  • 9th Boys Commissioner

Middle School House League Board

  • Director of Middle School House 
  • MS Girls Commissioner
  • 8th Boys Commissioner
  • 7th Boys Commissioner
  • 6th Boys Commissioner

Elementary School House League Board

  • Director of Elementary House
  • 5th Girls Commissioner
  • 4th Girls Commissioner
  • 5th Boys Commissioner
  • 4th Boys Commissioner

SoLo Developmental League Board 

  • Director of Development  
  • 2nd Boys Commissioner 
  • 2nd Girls Commissioner
  • 3rd Girls Commissioner
  • 3rd Boys Commissioner


Specific Duties and Responsibilities for these positions are listed in sections 3-5 of the SoLo ByLaws.  Board members serve a one year term from July 1 to June 30.  Current Board Members vote on new Board Members at the end of their current term.  More information about the process and organization is located in section 2 of the SoLo ByLaws.