Many questions regarding our league are here in our Frequently Asked Questions section. 

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When are the practices?

Practices are held weeknights (Mondays - Thursdays) between 6:20pm and 9:30pm at the local elementary and middle schools (see locations for details).   Nightly practice blocks are:

  • Block 1:  6:20pm - 7:15pm
  • Block 2:  7:25pm - 8:20pm
  • Block 3:  8:30pm - 9:25pm

Practices for developmental and house participants (grades 2-8) are  typically scheduled for 1 nights per week however weather and school blackouts may effect the schedule.  

Travel Teams are typically scheduled for 2 nights per wee however weather and school blackouts may effect the schedule.  At a minimum, we will schedule all travel league teams for one practice per week.

High School house participants (grades 9-12) are typically scheduled for a one-hour practice slot on Saturdays (between 8am-9pm) throughout the season.    

 Practices Begin:

  • Travel Teams (grades 5-8):  Week of November 16
  • House League (grades 4-8):  Week of December 7
  • Developmental Division (grade 2-3):  Week of December 7
  • High School House League:  mid-December 

When are the games?

House League Games are generally held Saturdays between 8am and 9pm.  Some Sundays games are scheduled between 1:00pm - 6:00pm.  Additionally, weeknight games may be scheduled if there is inclement weather, school blackouts or if there is an odd number of teams in the division.

High School house games typically run Sundays between 1:00pm and 9:00pm.  Some Saturday evening games are scheduled as needed. 

Select Program Games typically run Sundays between 1:00pm and 9:00pm.  Some Saturday or evening makeup games are schedule as needed.

Loudoun Travel Games run Sundays between 1:00pm and 9:00pm, with occasional Saturday or weeknight makeup games.

Games Begin:

  • Travel/Select League (grades 4-8):  early-January
  • House League (grades 2-8):  early-January
  • High School House League:  early-January  

When does the season run?

South Loudoun Basketball offers a winter house league, travel and select, and high school program.  

House League Player Evaluations are held in late-September.  Practices begin on/about November 15.  Games begin in early-January.  The season runs through mid-March. 

High School Evaluations are held in mid-November after the High School teams are formed.  Practices begin after Thankgiving and games begin in mid-December.  The season runs through mid-February. 

Travel Team tryouts will be held the first weekend after Columbus Day.  Players who are interested in the travel program will be identified during the player evaluations in late-September and invited to the travel tryouts.    Travel team selections are made by mid-October and travel practices begin immediately following the final travel team selections.  Games begin in mid-November and the season runs through early-March. 

When can I register and how do I register?

Registration for the Winter program runs April 1 - September 15.  All registration is done online at www.solohoops.com. Registrations information, fees, etc. will be posted by March 15. 

What equipment is needed?

Game uniforms are provided by the league and are included in your registration fees.  Players are required to purchase a basketball (see sizing below) and bring it to practices.  Players are required to wear tennis shoes or basketball shoes for practices and games. For practices, shorts or sweats and t-shirt should be worn.       

Who can play in South Loudoun Basketball?

SoLo is open to kids in grades 2-12 who live in southeastern Loudoun County.  This typically includes the following school zones: 

  • Elementary Schools:  Aldie, Arcola, Buffalo Trail, Cardinal Ridge, Goshen Post, Hutchison Farm, Legacy, Little River, Middleburg, and Pinebrook
  • Middle Schools:  J. Michael Lunsford, Mercer and Willard
  • High Schools:  Freedom, John Champe and Lightridge  

The house league program will accept kids from anywhere in Loudoun County.  The travel program is restricted to zip codes (Fairfax) and/or middle schools (Loudoun). 

Players who play for their high school interscholastic basketball teams (Freshmen, JV or Varsity) are not eligible to participate in the Travel or High School House League program.  

What size basketballs are used for each age group?

  • 27.5" Junior/Youth for 2nd Grade Developmental
  • 28.5" Intermediate for 3rd-6th Grade Boys and 3rd-12th Girls
  • 29.5" Regulation for 7th-12th Grade Boys 

Do I have to attend public schools to play for SoLo?

No, as long as you live in Loudoun County, you are eligible to play for SoLo. 

How are the house league teams formed? 

There are boys and girls age groups that are divided based on the grade level of the child.  Our division structures are as follows: 


  • 2nd Grade Developmental
  • 3rd Grade Developmental
  • 4th Grade House
  • 5th Grade House
  • 6th Grade House
  • 7th Grade House
  • 8th Grade House
  • 9th Grade House
  • 10th Grade House
  • Varsity Boys House (11th & 12th Grade)


  • 2nd Grade Developmental
  • 3rd Grade Developmental
  • Elementary House (Grades 4-5)
  • Middle School House (Grades 6-8)
  • High School House (Grades 9-12)

We do also subdivide the age groups into divisions if enrollment permits. 

If everyone makes a house league team, what are the evaluations for?

Evaluations are done for grades 4-8 and High School House league divisions to allow the coaches to evaluate the players.  We divide the teams based on these evaluations.  All kids who are registered on time are guaranteed to be placed on a team.  We only use the evaluations to maintain parity in our league and to place the kids in the appropriate division.

For the Developmental divisions, we divide the teams based on their schools/neighborhood.  No evaluations are done for the developmental level.  

Can I make a request for a specific coach or for my child to play with a friend?

No.  Due to the player selection process, requests to play for a specific coach or with a friend cannot be considered.  Volunteer coaches are guaranteed to coach their own children.  Assistant coach pairing requests are not guaranteed. 

Can my child play up a grade level?

We generally recommend that a child play at his/her grade level.  We will review requests for exceptions on a case by case basis only.  Players must be evaluated in the top 10% of their grade level in order to be considered for playing up in a grade level.  If the exception is granted, the player will be required to attend the make-up evaluation session at the grade level that the player wishes to play.

Due to a limited amount of space, we will not permit a first grader to play up in the second grade developmental program.  

What is the travel and select program about?

The travel and select program is an advanced-level of play offered to kids in the 4th - 8th grades.  Our travel teams play the Loudoun County Travel League.  Our Select teams play in-house.  More information about the travel program is located in the travel link

Does SoLo issue refunds?

SoLo will issue a full refund (less a $15 administrative fee) for any cancellations received prior to October 1.  After October 1, refunds are subject to addtional fees, based on equipment orders, etc.  To request a refund, send a email to [email protected]

What are the basket heights for each age group?

  • 2nd Grade:  8'6"
  • 3rd Grade:  9'0"
  • Elementary House:  9'6"
  • 6th-12th Grade, Travel and Select:  10'0"

My question was not answered here.  Who can I contact?  

You can find more information about each of the programs we offer by clicking on the program link in the "Our Programs" menu to the left.  You can also review the online Parents Guide   If you still have a question, send an email to [email protected] and one of our volunteers will respond as soon as possible.