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Coach/Team Manager Registration

Please expand each section to complete the application.   When completed, please remember to hit the submit button.

Please complete all information below.  When finished, please move to the Team Information section to continue.

Home Address

Please indicate which level you wish to be considered for coaching, assisting or team managing.  You will indicate that by selecting the Gender and Grade of the team that you wish to coach.

If you have a child who is participating in the league, please include the child's name so we can match you up with the correct division commissioner.

If you are a high school youth volunteering to coach, please indicate which level you would prefer to coach in the Gender and Grade fields.  If you have a sibling that you wish to coach, put the sibling's name under "Name of Child" If you are flexible in which division to coach, put your first choice of division under "Team 1", your second choice of division under "Team 2" and your third choice of division under "Team 3"

If you wish to coach, assist or manage multiple teams, use the "Team 2" section (and if applicable "Team 3") to indicate preferences for that team.

Once completed, please go to the Acknowledgements tab to sign and submit your form.

  • I have read, understand and agree to abide by all of the South Loudoun Basketball League rules and Codes of Conduct as stated on the league’s web site,
  • I also understand that these rules may be modified during the course of the season and that it is my responsibility to remain informed about league rules and proceedings.
  • I understand that I may be suspended or removed from my coaching position by the Commissioner for violations of the League Rules and/or Codes of Conduct.
  • I hereby release and waiver all claims against Loudoun County Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Service, the South Loudoun Basketball, coaches, volunteers and sponsors in regard to the listing of coaches information (name, email and cell phone) on the South Loudoun Basketball web site
  • I state that I have never been charged, arrested or convicted for any crime of violence and/or abuse against children and/or persons, or one that would affect my ability to coach a team within South Loudoun Basketball.
  • I give permission to South Loudoun Basketball  to conduct a background check on me which may include a review of criminal and child abuse records maintained by governmental and/or law enforcement organizations.
  • I understand that the South Loudoun Basketball Board approves all requests to coach
  • I have read and understood all above acknowledgements.