9. Coaches

9.1 Coaches are responsible for providing instruction in basketball skills and sportsmanship, and serve as the point of contact for their team and its players with the SoLo program.

9.2 Coaches are expected to adhere to and enforce the Articles in the “Code of Conduct”.

9.3 Coaches will attend all required meetings and/or training as set by the Commissioner and/or Board.

9.4 Coaches are required to participate in SoLo specified training programs

9.5 Coaches must complete a new application each year. Misrepresentation of the personal facts on an application may result in suspension or expulsion.

9.6 SoLo has a “Zero Tolerance” background check program. SoLo will perform a background check to obtain prior history in regards to the following: (misdemeanor or felony)

·     Crimes involving children

·     Crimes involving illegal Drugs

·     Crimes involving unlawful sexual acts

·     Crimes involving physical violence 

9.7 Coaches’ applications will be reviewed for but not limited to experience, results of background check and past behavior history.

9.8 Parents who are selected as a Travel Team Head Coach should understand that their child is not guaranteed a position on the team because they are coaching the team.

9.9 Each team will be allowed one (1) Head Coach and up to two (2) assistant coaches on the sidelines during a game. Only approved coaches may be present on the sidelines during the game. All assistant coaches must remain seated during the game except during a change of quarters or a time out.

9.10 The Head Coach is responsible for the behavior of all assistant coaches and/or any assistants.

9.11. House team coaches may discipline multiple unexcused absences (more than two) from practices by reducing or eliminating playing time in the following game.

9.11.1 Coaches who intend to alter the playing time of someone must notify their Division Commissioner via email, phone call or in person at least 48 hours prior to the game and receive approval, prior to the game, to administer such discipline.

9.11.2  Coaches who receive approval to reduce playing time will be allowed to reduce playing time for that game only.  Coaches must re-file for additional playing time reductions if applicable

9.11.3  Coaches who receive approval to reduce playing time must adhere to the maximum playing time rules for remaining players.

9.11.4  In the event that playing time rules are not adhered to, for any unapproved reason, the team and coach are subject to disciplinary procedures.   

9.12 A Coach must remain with all players that are picked up outside the school building. No child may be left alone in the parking lot. Parents who are repeatedly late picking up their child should be reported to the applicable League Commissioner for appropriate action.

9.13. Coaches should not transport players from one site to another without parental permission or notification to the parent(s).

9.14 Any coach who commits any of the following actions will be expelled from the League for the remainder of the current season and the entire next season:

·     Abandons/deserts his/her team

·     Threatens or uses physical violence against anyone at a SoLo activity. 

9.15 Any coach who repeatedly uses profanity directed toward or about anyone while on school premises shall be subject to the following discipline:

·     First offense = one (1) game suspension

·     Second offense = suspended for remainder of the season 

9.16 Coaches are to communicate any comments, concerns, issues or suggestions directly to the League Commissioner. Coaches will not disseminate (verbally or in written form) any Board or league communiqué that is labeled “confidential – Do not copy or distribute” to anyone other than the current President, League Commissioner and/or the current Board. Violation of this rule will result in immediate expulsion from the league.

9.17 After the Board renders a decision on a given issue coaches will not engage other coaches in an attempt to intimidate, coerce or force the Board to change their decision. However, Coaches may engage the President and/or the Board for further discussion. Coaches who violate this rule are subject to suspension. Repeated violations would result in expulsion.

9.18 The Board reserves the right to refuse an individual's request to coach with the SoLo organization.