Mike Greiner Tribute

Send us your Coach Mike pictures to[email protected] and we will add to the tribute! 

Mike Greiner was a coach and referee with the Mercer-Lunsford Basketball League from 2005-2016.  On March 19, 2016, Mike suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while volunteering with his son's boy scout troop.  Mike passed away with his family by his side on Saturday, March 26.   Mike is survived by his wife, Khristie, and his four children ages 12-21, as well as three brothers, Mike's mother, and numerous relatives.  Mike was an English Teacher at Westfield High School in nearby Fairfax County.

Mike's Legacy will live on for years to come as Mike coached the right way, putting the kids first.  The MLBL leadership is working on ways to honor Mike's legacy, and will announce plans in the near future.   For now, we share with you pictures received to honor Mike's tireless service to MLBL.

MLBL Missles 2015-16 (Photo courtesy of Kevin Hicks)

MLBL Celtics 2008-09 (Photo courtesy of Memory Makers)

Tidal Waves 2008-09 (Photo Courtesy of Memory Makers)

Mustangs 2010-11 (Photo courtesy of Memory Makers)

Griffins 2012-13 (Photo courtesy of Memory Makers)


Thunder 2013-14 (Photo courtesy of Memory Makers)

MLBL Missles 2015-16 (Photo courtesy of Memory Makers)