SoLo Referees

South Loudoun Basketball Referee Program Overview

South Loudoun Basketball has a cadre of referees to officiate our house league and high school house programs.  Referees work as independent contractors and work with the SoLo Referee assignor to work games in the local South Loudoun area.  Referees are recruited annually and must attend an orientation session, a on-court training session and sign up to officiate a scrimmage.   SoLo also has a mentoring program to facilitate referee development.

Interested referees should contact Jim Gammie ([email protected])

Youth Referee Program

SoLo has a youth referee program for kids in grades 9-12.  SoLo trains our new officials in our 3rd grade Development program by providing new officials with an opportunity to learn and develop their officiating skills.  Mentors are assigned to observe and provide feedback to the youth referees.  As the youth officials gain experience and are evaluated by SoLo staff, referees can progress up to officiate higher-level games.

Parents, we need you too!

SoLo always need new and experience adult officials to work our games.  We provide training for new adult officials, and offer mentoring opportunities for experienced officials.

Referee Requirements

Referees will need to purchase uniforms and whistles.  Uniforms consist of the stripped shirt and solid black pants.  Black sneakers are required. It is recommended that officials purchase a Fox40 whistle.  A uniform vendor will be at the on-court clinics, or uniforms can be purchased online or at a local sporting goods store.  It is recommended that new officials attend the orientation session prior to ordering a uniform.


Orientation and Registration:  Orientation and Registration is typically scheduled for late-October

On Court Training:  On-Court Training is typically scheduled for the third weekend in November

Scrimmage Games:  Scrimmage games will be the first weekend following Thanksgiving (typically the first weekend in December)

Games:  Games run mid-December through late-February and are generally played on Saturdays and Sundays.  A select group of officials will be invited to officiate playoff games through early-March.  Referees on average are typically assigned 1-3 games per weekend.


Referee Pay

Officials are payed at the end of the season.  Paychecks are sent out in mid-March.  Rates per game vary based on the level of play, and a portion of the rates are deducted to cover the referee assignor fee, assigning software fees, and club insurance fees.  The rate scale is provided at the orientation session.  On average, an official who works 1-2 games per weekend can make $250-400 for the season.   More experience officials will be assigned to higher level games, as well as given an opportunity to be a paid mentor for the youth officials.   SoLo does not withhold taxes as referees are Independent contractors - referees are responsible for taxes.  Per IRS regulations, any official making more that $599 in a calendar year will receive a IRS 1099-MISC income form.

Ready to become a SoLo Referee?

Interested referees should contact Jim Gammie ([email protected])