House League Rules

All games will follow National Federation of High School (NFHS) Rules with the following exceptions for each division.  Click on the links below for details

All NFHS rules will apply to the game, with the following SoLo rule exceptions:




Middle School

High School


2nd Grade    

No Scoreboard

3rd Grade

No Playoffs

4th Grade

5th Grade







Rim Height








Free Throw Line

Not Applicable

3rd:  13’, Relaxed

4th:  14’ Relaxed

5th:  15’ Relaxed

NFHS Rules

NFHS Rules


Ball Size

Girls: 27.5”

Boys:  27.5”

Girls: 28.5” Intermediate

Boys:  28.5” Intermediate

Girls:  28.5”

Girls:  28.5


6Boys: 28.5”

7th/8th Boys: 29.5”

Boys:  29.5”


Type of Game

3v3 Half Court

5v5 standard clock

5v5 Standard Clock

5v5 Standard Clock


Length of Quarters

10 min. running

6 min 

6th: 6 min

 7th/8th:  7 min

9/10:  7min

11/12: 8min


Defensive Restrictions

Type of Defense

Man-Man Only

Man-Man Only

No Restrictions

No Restrictions


All defensive players start behind the three-point arc until first pass in front court is made.  First free pass only applies to passes made between half court and the foul line extended.  Passes made inside the free throw line extended are not restricted





No Steals 

3rd: No reach in steals when offensive player has possession or is dribbling except when player is in the lane.

4th: No reach in steals when offensive player has possession or is dribbling except in the lane.  Steals allowed in final minute.


GIRLS: Same as 4th Grade


BOYS:  No restrictions.

No Restrictions

No Restrictions


Double Team

No Double Teaming at all

No double teaming except when dribbler is in the lane.

No Restrictions

No Restrictions


Full Court Press

Not Applicable

Never Allowed.


5th: Allowed in the final quarter of the game and overtime except if team is ahead by 5+

6th: Allowed in second half of game except if team is ahead by 10+.

7th & 8th: Allowed anytime except if team is ahead by 10+.

Allowed any time, except if team is ahead by 15+


Offensive Restrictions


All dead ball inbounds plays (not after a made basket) taken at half court; free inbounds except if inbounds pass is made below the foul line.  Inbounds must be in front court; no passes into back court.     

No Restrictions

No Restrictions



Automatic 5-second count when player is dribbling in front court and above foul line extended

No Restrictions

No Restrictions


Isolation Plays

Isolation Plays are never permitted. Isolation plays are defined as a play where all offensive players except the ball handler are sent outside of the three point area during the play.   First penalty will be a warning; subsequent penalties will result in a Team Technical Foul against the coach.




3RD GRADE ONLY:  Teams line up at each free throw line.  Each player shoots once and it counts towards score.  If one team has fewer players, team selects players (prefer players who don’t typically score) to take second shot so both teams have an equal amount of shots.

3 minute break follows the shootout

4TH/5TH GRADE:   Standard 3:00 Halftime Break

3:00 halftime break

3:00 halftime break


Time outs


3 full per game

3 full per game

3 full per game



Sub at quarter and halftime breaks only except for injury.

Substitutions are allowed at the quarter break and at a stoppage closest to the halfway mark of each quarter.  Coaches are NOT allowed on the court; no “line ups” will be allowed for substitutions.  Players check in at scorer’s table.

NFHS Rules

NFHS Rules


Substitution Exceptions

As needed.

Coaches are permitted to substitute for an injured player or player who fouled out.  Coaches can only sub for the one player and no line-ups are permitted.

Not Applicable

Not Applicable


Overtime Rules

Not Applicable  Game can end in a tie as standings are not kept.

First OT period is 3:00 standard clock, followed by untimed sudden-death (first team to scores wins the game).  No additional timeouts are granted – timeouts can be carried over if the team has any remaining.  Playing time rules do not carry on to overtime period – coaches are not restricted during OT period.








Definitions for rules:

No reach in steals:  When offensive player has possession looking to pass, or, is dribbling, defender cannot reach in and attempt to steal.  IF offensive player loses possession…fumbles ball, or, dribbles it off foot, etc. it is considered a loose ball and defender can steal it.

Steals allowed on passes including deflections. 

Dispute resolution:  Anytime the referees are not clear on a “loose ball” they will award the ball to the team that currently has the ball and take in-bounds at half court.

Blocked shots:  Blocked shots are encouraged and allowed anywhere on the court.

Taking Charges:  Are allowed anywhere on the court. 

FREE In-Bounds:  This rule is designed to increase the amount of playing time by allowing quick inbounds at the half court area…ball must enter front court.  It also free up practice time for coaches who no longer need to practice in-bounds plays.

No Match Ups:  Match ups are not allowed EVER…not at start of game, second half, time outs, substitutions.  Coaches must teach their players during practice how to match up with the opposing player. 

Additionally, all divisions have Playing Time Rules