SoLo Off Season (Grades 4-8)



March 16- July 31, 2020

“Half the price and twice the product with the flexibility to choose your nights”


Total cost $450* for both seasons.


*option is available to play in Spring, or Summer only. Cost is $250 per season.


Spring Season April 13-June 5 (Spring Season cancelled due to School Closures)


8 week training with High School Coaches                                              …$270 value per player

Mon or Tues you choose


8 weekly practices with age level coach                                                  …..$75 value per player

Wed or Thurs you choose


Friday night Open Gym


4 tournaments  (all in NOVA)                                                                  …..$150 value per player

Late April-June


Summer Season June 11-July 31

Evolution Elite SOLO Camp                                                                    …..$225 value per player

Thurs June 11-Friday June 12 at CYA Field House in Chantilly

Must sign up by April 1st


Summer League                                                                                       ...$155 value per player

Min 8 games during the week

June-Late July. No practices


$25 off coupon for Jeff Hawes Old School Basketball Camp                    …$25 value per player

Girls june 17-19  @ Mt St Marys   ($390 tuition)

Boys July 6-9      @ Mt St Marys   ($490 tuition)


Most AAU programs cost $1,000 or more, just add up the above figures and you reach $900.


Program highlights:


  • Pick you night for training/practice
  • Training by high school coach
  • Top HS seniors helping with training
  • Grade based team specific practice
  • Entry into local tournaments
  • Entry into Summer League
  • EVOLUTION Camp for SOLO only
  • Discount to top overnight camp