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Summer League Rules

Summer League Games will be played using HS Federation Rules with the following exceptions:



  • 14-minute halves (stop clock).
  • 3-minute halftime.
  • First Overtime will be 2 minutes in length (stop clock).
  • Second Overtime will be “Sudden Victory” and will not exceed 2 minutes (running clock) If no one has scored after the two minute period, the game will end in a tie.



  • Two (2) full timeouts and one (1) thirty second time out per game
  • One 30-second time out will be awarded to each team for the overtime period.  Timeouts from regulation do not carry over into the overtime period.



  • 5 fouls per player.
  • Shooting 2 (two) on 10th team foul (no 1-1 on the 7th team foul).
  • Technical fouls serve as a team fouls and personal fouls. 
  • 2 technical fouls result in an ejection (rule applies to players and coaches).  Any player or coach who is ejected will be suspended for a minimum of one game.  Any player or coach who is ejected for a second time will be removed for the rest of the Summer program.


Mercy rule

  • No pressing if a team has 20+ point lead.
  • Running clock starts when there is a 30-point lead; if point differential is reduced less than 20-points, time returns to stop clock.