Travel Team Formation

Final team selections will be made by Travel Board, and all Travel Board decisions are final.

Evaluations from all 3 sources listed in the Travel Program Tryout Process will be considered when selecting travel players.  Based on the results of the travel tryouts, the travel committee will make the following determinations by age group and gender:

  • Total number of travel-worthy players at the age group
  • The breakdown and ranking of the travel-level players by middle school (for 6th-8th grade)
  • The number of teams that can be fielded per age group based on current enrollment numbers
  • The optimal breakout of Loudoun teams and Fairfax teams based on the evaluated talent level

After reviewing the data provided, if the travel committee makes the decision to form school-specific teams to compete in the Loudoun Travel league, those teams will be formed first with the top players from each school assigned to the Loudoun Travel Teams.  The travel committee can opt to only form one school-based team at a grade-level if the committee determines that there is not enough travel-worthy players to field a school-based team.

The annual maximum for team formation are four teams per age group and gender.   The travel committee must determine if there are enough travel-level players at each age group to form teams.  The maximum number of teams per age group may vary based on enrollment numbers.  The enrollment requirements to determine the number of travel teams per age group/gender are listed in the chart below:

Total Number of players enrolled by age group/gender:





MAXIMUM number of teams allowed to be formed:

1 team

2 teams

3 teams

4 teams

The total amount of travel teams allowed per season will be determined by the SoLo Travel Board and the SoLo Executive Board, and will be based on three factors: (a) available gym space for practices and games; (b) the total number of players per age group and (c) the skill level of the players available for the travel program.

All notifications (both acceptance into the program and for those who are not accepted into travel) will be sent out from the SoLo league to the email address(es) for each travel tryout candidate.  Due to the sensitive nature of this, SoLo does not post the results of the evaluations.  Parents who have concerns can contact the league, and the SoLo Board will discuss the results individually.  All decisions of the SoLo Travel Committee are considered final.  After notifications, Coaches will be named and provided their rosters. 


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