Spring Travel Training sessions have been moved from Mercer MS to Willard MS for the remainder of the Spring season.  Team practices have been changed.  Please check your schedules for updates.

Team Facility and Safety Manager

Submit an application to become a Team Manager


Provide Referee Feedback


File an Incident Report

Scorekeeping and Timekeeping Instructions


Each team is required to have a designated volunteer to assist with the following duties:

  • Tracking and monitoring team's equipment (basketball, cones and first aid supplies)
  • Enforcement of COVID-19 Protocols
  • Monitoring and reporting behavior at practices and games
  • Monitoring equipment needs at game locations
  • Disciplinary Reporting




  • Track inventory after the coach receives the equipment
  • Alert Division head if team is low on basketballs, cones, pennies, etc.



  • Remind parents to not bring in food or outside beverages, other than player’s water bottle
  • Be courteous and clean up your stuff after practices
  • Remind players to not bounce balls or drift on to the court before their assigned practice time
  • Remind parents to please pick up their kids from practices on time and not linger on the court following practice as there is likely another team assigned the time immediately following



  • Remind parents of expected code of conduct; i.e referees are often young and inexperienced. No profanities directed towards refs, opposing players, opposing fans, etc.
  • Remind parents no outside food/beverages are expected in the gym on game days
  • Maintain a tracking list regarding a parent volunteering to do the clock or book for at least one game (unless there’s a parent like me who volunteers to always do the clock or book)


Disciplinary Reporting:

  • If a player gets 2 Technical Fouls in one game, liaison automatically reports incidents to division head. Coach, player and player’s parent are notified. Division leader can determine how to handle and if it warrants being brought to my attention. If that same player gets a technical foul in an upcoming game, the player is minimally suspended for the next game.
  • If a player is seen/heard berating a ref during game, parent volunteer approaches referee after the game to determine if he/she wants to make a formal complaint to the division head. If yes, volunteer notifies coach, player and player’s parent that a formal complaint is being brought to the division head’s attention to determine if any additional action is necessary.
  • Physical fighting on the court by players is not permitted and results in a minimum of a suspension with a determination as to whether or not one or both parties are suspended indefinitely.
  • Less tolerance for coaches who berate officials during a game. If a coach receives a technical foul, that is automatically brought to division head’s attention. This should be explained to the coaches before the season begins.
  • Parent volunteer should touch base with referees after each game to determine if they have any complaints about coaches that they would like to be brought to the division head. If/when referees say yes, coach needs to be formally notified by the division head that they are obligated to report referees’ concerns/complaints to the division head to determine if any further action is necessary.
  • If a coach is seen/heard verbally berating an opposing player or coach, parent liaison is responsible for touching base with the player/coach after the game to determine if they wish to log a formal complaint with the division head.
  • Parents/Fans – Same general process as what was outlined above. Refs should be approached after each game to determine if they wish to file any formal complaints about parents/fans in the stands. If/when this happens, head coach needs to be notified. The coach and liaison can make the determination as to whether or not the parent needs to be made aware of the formal