Travel Program Charter

The Goal of the South Loudoun Basketball (SoLo) Travel Program is to provide an environment for the advance-level players who commit themselves to learning and developing their basketball skills.  SoLo is committed to fostering a high quality travel program that will prepare the advanced-level players for High School inter-scholastic play.   

In the SoLo travel program, the objective each season is to put together teams of the best players who are committed to making basketball and the SoLo travel program their first priority during the winter season.  The SoLo travel program is a more competitive level of basketball.  Playing time is not guaranteed – rather, it is earned with hard work, dedication, and development of skills.  Playing time will be determined by the coaching staff. 

Players and parents should not expect equality in playing time at the travel level.  In addition to this, the coaches will evaluate the player’s ability to fill certain roles on the team.  The player who grabs 15 rebounds a game, or steals 10 balls and defends well is just as important to the team.

SoLo strives to ensure a fair and open process for players and coaches to qualifying for the SoLo Travel Program.  SoLo conducts annual open tryouts for their players, and conducts and an annual open call and assessment of travel coaching candidates at each level.  We require that all players go through the pre-season assessment done by an independent, third-party contractor that South Loudoun Basketball hires specifically to evaluate each player.  The annual open tryout process begins each September.  Team and coaches will be finalized by mid-October.  All participants in grades 5-8 who wish to be considered for the travel program will be fairly evaluated during this annual process. 

The SoLo travel program is a higher level of basketball, and it is a competitive process to be selected for the travel program.  The goal of our travel program is to provide a high level of competition for those players who want to improve their game and prepare themselves for playing at the high school level and beyond.  There is a threshold determination that is made to determine participation at the travel level.  Some of the assessments are objective, and some of these assessments are subjective.    This charter, and the processes are in place to strive for all the analysis and determinations to be as fair as possible.

The sections below highlight the processes and procedures, the governing body for all aspects of the travel program.  Concerns or questions should be address to the SoLo Executive Board who is committed to ensure fairness and develop a quality product within our travel program.  Concerns and questions can be sent via e-mail to [email protected] – the SoLo board is committed to address all concerns in a timely manner.


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