Spring Travel Training sessions have been moved from Mercer MS to Willard MS for the remainder of the Spring season.  Team practices have been changed.  Please check your schedules for updates.

Travel/Select Coaching

South Loudoun Basketball will solicit applications for coaches annually.  Volunteers who desire to coach a Travel/Select team will be required to submit their application to SoLo during the call for coaches.  SoLo will post the applications online on the home page and send out a call for coaches at the start of the coaches recruiting window.    

Each application will be reviewed by the Solo Travel/Select Board.   The Travel Commissioners may opt to conduct an interview of the coaching candidates and will provide a recommendation to the SoLo Travel/Select Board for final review.  The Travel/Select Board will meet, review the recommendations and make the final determination on a pool of coaching candidates.  Coaches will not be selected until after the Travel/Select teams are formed.

At the conclusion of the travel tryouts, the travel committee will meet to determine the final coaching selections.  Coaches will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Youth Sports Experience
  • Overall Basketball Coaching Experience
  • Experience Coaching Basketball at advanced levels  (Travel, AAU, High School)
  • Coaching Philosophy
  • Availability for off-season programs 

The coaching selections are confirmed for one year to include the Winter Travel/Select season as well as the Off-season Travel/Select Program. Coaches will not be ‘guaranteed’ to move up age groups with their teams annually.  Coaches are not permitted to coach the same group of players for more than two (2) consecutive years without approval of the travel committee.   

If additional teams form, or if there are not enough qualified and approved candidates for a particular age group, additional coaches may be recruited by the Travel Board.  Recruited coaches will be asked to submit an application and must be approved by the SoLo Travel Board.

Coaches must complete the following requirements each season:

  • Head Coach must be 18 years of age or older
  • All coaches (Head and named assistants) must successful complete a background investigation
  • All coaches must attend the mandatory Coaches Training Sessions (two sessions total)
  • Head Coach and Assistants must attend the  Travel Coaches Clinic (with HS coaches)


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