Travel Program Fees

Winter Program Fees

The fees collected at the time of registration only covers a portion of the travel team expenses.  Each season, the travel players are asked to pay a travel fee (in addition to the fees collected at the time of registration) to offset the additional costs of the travel program.  On average, these additional fees range from $175-$225 for the season.   These additional costs including uniform package, additional team registrations, tournament fees, training programs and other travel program expenses.   

Spring Program Fees

A spring base fee of $200 is collected to cover gym rental, Loudoun County program fee, training and insurance.  Additional fees and travel expenses may apply to cover tournament registrations and additional training options and will be collected by the coach.

Summer Program Fees

Summer league fees are approximately $250 - $300 per player to cover gym rental, Loudoun County Program fees, insurance and league registration.  Additional fees and travel expenses may apply for those teams that participate in tournaments and will be collected by the coach.