Travel Program Governance

The SoLo Travel program is operated as part of the South Loudoun Basketball.  SoLo has all-volunteer Board which governs the league and oversees league operations.  As a part of that board, SoLo designates a Travel Board to oversee and operate the SoLo travel program, and a Travel Advisory Committee to help steer the program.  

Travel Board

The SoLo Travel Board consists of five voting members:

  • Travel Director
  • Travel Boys Commissioner
  • Travel Girls Commissioner
  • Director of Offseason Programs
  • Travel Advisory Committee Chair
The Travel Board is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the SoLo Travel Program to include the following:
  • Maintain the Travel Program Charter
  • Voting Members on the Coaching and Player selections
  • Voting Members on the Program Competition
  • FCYBL and LCTL Travel Representatives for SoLo
  • Implementation of Travel Program philosophy
  • Maintain travel affiliations and partnerships
  • Maintain the winter and spring/summer Travel programs
The SoLo Travel Board will meet eight times in a term year:
  • Monthly July-October (July, Aug., Sep., Oct.)
  • Bi-monthly through June (Dec., Feb., April, June)
SoLo Travel Board members serve a one-year term from July 1 through June 30 the following year, and can apply for renewal of their term annually.  The Executive Team will meet in June to review applicants and finalize the Travel Board for the following program year.


Travel Advisory Committee

 The SoLo Travel Advisory Committee consists of a chair and four non-voting members as follows:
  • Champe HS/Mercer MS Representative
  • Freedom HS/Lunsford MS Representative
  • New HS/Willard MS Representative
  • Paul VI/At-Large Representative
The Travel Advisory committee will meet to review and provide recommendations to the Travel Board in the following areas:
  • Travel Program Charter Updates
  • SoLo Program Competition Options
  • Training Program and Trainer Options
  • Travel partnership and affiliations
  • Developing a framework for coaches (offense, defense)
The Travel Advisory Committee members are also chartered with maintaining relationships with the local high school programs, and are asked to assist with the coaching recruitment process.
The Travel Advisory Committee will formally meet semi-annually with the Travel Board and the Executive Board - one pre-season meeting in August and one post-season meeting in April.  Travel Advisory Committee members will serve a one year term from July 1 through June 30, and can apply for renewal of their term annually.   he Travel Advisory Chair will serve on the Travel Board as a voting member.    
The Executive Team and Travel Board will review the applicants and appoint the Travel Committee members for the following program year at the July meeting.