Spring Travel Training sessions have been moved from Mercer MS to Willard MS for the remainder of the Spring season.  Team practices have been changed.  Please check your schedules for updates.

Travel/Select Evaluations

Players who wish to participate in the Travel/Select Program must attend a pre-season evaluation session September 25-October 2. 

The Travel Program will hold tryouts by school to form age-group based teams.  Players will first attend the pre-season evaluations in late-September.  Qualified players then will attend travel-specific tryouts to be scheduled in mid-October, and the teams will be formed in early November  Participants interested in trying out for one of the travel teams must attend the pre-season evaluations and at least one travel-specific tryout session, but are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible.  Teams will practice 1-2 nights per week and can expect to have games on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the season. 

Travel Tryouts for the 2021-22 Season will be held between October 12-October 17.  Specific dates and times will be sent to the players who qualify for the Travel Tryouts after being assessed at the pre-season evaluations in September. 

The Select Program will not have separate tryouts.  Players will attend the Pre-Season Evaluation session in late-September/early-October.  The Travel Committee will review the results and select the top scoring candidates (based on the assessment results) to the Select Program.  Teams will form and participate in an in-house select program under the Travel umbrella, with rules adjusted to a more competitive program.  Teams will practice one night per week and on Saturdays, with games on Sundays.


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