Spring Travel Training sessions have been moved from Mercer MS to Willard MS for the remainder of the Spring season.  Team practices have been changed.  Please check your schedules for updates.

Inclement Weather

Winter weather can offer challenges to the schedule.  We work closely with PRCS to make a determination on the status of our gyms with the #1 concern being the safety of the participants.   

Notification Procedures

Status of the gyms will be posted:

  • On the SoLo Home Page
  • Via e-mail blast to all participants
  • On the SoLo voicemail (703-957-0020)

School Blackouts

We use the school gyms for our basketball program.  Occasionally, school-sponsored events force the closure of a gym even without a weather disruption.  We encourage all parents and coaches to check the website to ensure they have the latest school closing information.