Summer is right around the corner!

Spring has (finally) arrived and summer will be here before you know it.

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The Latest SoLo News

Registration for the South Loudoun Basketball 2018-19 Winter Program is open.  Register early and save!

We are continually updating Summer Camp information on our Offseason Programs page.

Welcome to the New SoloHoops Website!

The Mercer-Lunsford Basketball started in 2004 as the Mercer Basketball League.  As the region has grown, so has our league.  With the addition of Willard Middle School and Goshen Post Elementary school in the Fall of 2018, we have decided to transition to a region-based name.  Introducing our new name, South Loudoun Basketball and welcome to the new website! 

South Loudoun Basketball, or "SOLO" for short, will continue to feature our winter house and travel program as the cornerstone of our program.  We have recently added spring and summer travel, AAU and other programs to our offerings as well.  

Welcome to the next generation of basketball in southeastern Loudoun County....welcome to South Loudoun Basketball!